Coming Soon: Workshop on Technique and Styling November 17th

Time 5-7pm Saturday. Exciting new material that will make you look like the pros. All are welcomed

EliT Dance Academy

in the Creative Arts Building

219 Cuthbert Street 3rd Floor

(Cuthbert is between Arch St. and Market St)

Philadelphia, PA 19106

"Dance like no one is watching and love it!" 

Welcome to EliT Dance Academy!

We are delighted that you have chosen EliT Dance Academy as your new home and dance school! We truly believe that anybody can dance!

At EliT Dance Academy we don’t just teach you turn patterns, we teach you how to dance. We place special emphasis on correct following and leading technique so that you may follow and lead anyone…and look and feel confident doing it. This allows for more versatility on the dance floor and a more enjoyable dancing experience.

EliT Dance Academy is also home to Philadelphia's first and only WORLD SALSA CHAMPION, Eli Torres; so rest assured that you will be learning from one of the most respected salseros in the industry both in Philadelphia and abroad.

So, come, relax and have fun! Escape from your everyday routine and discover the benefits of DANCE! 





For group classes, click on the link above for the new 2012 schedule

Private Lessons: Still our most popular choice for beginners and experienced dancers! Private lessons offer a personalized alternative to group classes in order to improve your level of dance in a relaxed, but highly constructive atmosphere. Come and learn how to take show on the Dance Floor!

Gift certificates are available for purchase.

Teaching a Spinning Technique class at San Francisco Salsa Festival

Teaching a Salsa Class in Elche, Spain!

2009 Mayan World Salsa Competition:

1st Place

Eli Torres  and Yen Dorado



MAYAN World Salsa Championship

History is Made at the 2009 Professional World Mayan Salsa Competition in Los Angeles

This is the first time an out-of-town/international couple ever WINS the Mayan World Salsa Competition in fourteen (14) years.

Eli and Yen win 2nd place in the On1 division at the 2009 World Salsa Championships
Eli and Yen WIN the 2009 US Long Island Dance Championship
Eli and Yen win the 2009 Liberty Swing Cabaret US Championship.


Please Join EliT Dance Academy at the following events:

Portland Salsa Congress June 15th-17th 2012
Guatemala World Salsa Open 2012 June 28th-30th
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